Mum makes 6ft Christmas decoration using cardboard after seeing £600 version online

A savvy mum has created an enormous Christmas nutcracker from postal tubes after being inspired by a £600 version online.

Angela Jones spent little more than £100 to create her own version of the toy soldier which stands at 6ft4 tall.

The DIY whizz, of Bolton in Greater Manchester, used tester paints and accessories bought on eBay to decorate the festive figurine, helping to keep costs down.

Its body was built with postal tubes while feather boas were used to create its hair and iconic hat.

Angela shared her tips on social media with a photo of her life sized nutcracker next to her stunning Christmas tree, showered with pink satin ribbons and oversized baubles.

Its tunic was painted in baby pink to match her overall colour scheme.

“I’ve seen nutcrackers selling for £600 plus and I manage to make this all in for around £130,” she said in her post.

“Showing its size against my tree which is 8ft.”

Thousands of fellow Christmas enthusiasts praised the mum for her creation and her money saving tips.

One person said: “Wow, that’s great. My local garden centre was selling large wooden ones like that for £400.”

Another commented: “It’s amazing. You’re so talented & creative. Your tree is fabulous, so pretty.”

While another added: “Fab. Clever you. Why are the full-size nutcrackers so expensive?! I love him.”

Others questioned how the mum was going to store the gigantic figurine.

“Love it, but how are you going to store it away?” one asked.

“Wish I had the space,” another added.